Assistant Flight Dispatcher



• Assist Flight dispatchers and Pilots regarding to a pre-flight preparation, by appropriate means, with information which may be necessary for the safe conduct of the flight under a supervision of a licensed flight dispatcher
• Assist the Flight Dispatchers to prepare the Operational flight plan, weather forecast and report including with the NOTAMs and other informational component required for the safe completion of flight under a supervision of a licensed flight Dispatcher.
• Assist Flight dispatchers in the preparation of flight briefing documentation and provide the relevant information support to the flight crew.
• File the ATS flight plan in a required format including notifications of subsequent change/ cancellation to all concerned ATS units.
• Monitor, update and deliver the weather condition and radio navigation aids let-down including significant NOTAMs to flight dispatchers and pilot while in-flight.
• Provide the in-flight pilots with a significant information update such as weather changed or NOTAMs via company radio frequency or aircraft communications addressing and reporting system. (ACARS)
• Collect and archive a post flight document including with a significant data from the pilots support the operational control and flight planning purpose.
• Attend to all incoming calls and radio communications for flight dispatch control area.
• Assist flight dispatcher to co-ordinate the dispatch tasks among the internal units in daily operations.
In the event of emergency, comply such procedures as outlined in the company emergency manual while avoiding taking any action that would conflict with ATC procedures.
• Check and revise the various publications which will be used for the flight dispatch purpose.
• Check all working equipment, communications and IT system within the workplace in functional services.
• Collect and archive necessary documents and data concerning flight into a storage.
• Revise the relevant flight documents that used within flight dispatch office.
• Attend, comply and complete any training that pertains to department and company.
• Carry out all concerned duties regarding Quality, Safety & Security required by the company.
• Communicate information Policies, Strategies correctly and effectively to all employees in order to apply in practice.
• Perform any tasks assigned by superior.


• Bachelor degree in any fields or Flight dispatcher/ flight operations certificate or equivalent
• Ability to work effectively in a high pressure environment
• Quick, urgent problem resolution
• Able to speak and write in English (TOEIC score up to 550 within 1 year of the first of application)
• Willing to work on shifts (Day/Night/Weekends and Holidays)
• Work hours: On schedule Time
• Work office: Bangkok Airways Operations Building, Suvarnbhumi Airport


  • เปิดรับสมัครถึง: 13 Oct 2015
  • เต็มเวลา
  • Work Routine: จันทร์ - ศุกร์
  • Work Routine: ทำงานเป็นกะ
  • อวกาศ - การบิน


  • ปริญญาตรี
  • ประสบการณ์: ไม่เคยมีประสบการณ์

General Skills

  • การแก้ไขปัญหา
  • ทำงานภายใต้การกดดัน

Spoken Languages

  • อังกฤษ (Intermediate)

Written Languages

  • อังกฤษ (Intermediate)


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