Senior Legal Officer



- Provide legal advice to all departments in order to continue the legal jobs with flexibility and effectiveness to the extent of laws
- Draft legal documents for all departments to place the pattern of contract as the guideline
- Track the new related laws/ regulations to provide legal advice to all related departments in order to enhance banking operation in compliance with such laws/regulations


- Master’s Degree in Law
- 5 – 8 years of relevant experience in Financial Banking or related fields
- Good command in English and also capable of drafting legal document in English
- Computer literacy (MS Office)
- Energetic and good personality


  • เปิดรับสมัครถึง: 18 Aug 2015
  • เต็มเวลา
  • Work Routine: จันทร์ - ศุกร์
  • กฎหมาย - ภาษี


  • ปริญญาโท
  • ประสบการณ์: 5 ปี

General Skills

  • บุคลิกภาพดี

Spoken Languages

  • อังกฤษ (Advanced)

Written Languages

  • อังกฤษ (Advanced)

Computer Skills

  • Microsofe Office (Advanced)


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