Fitness Manager



You are in charge of implementing the resources required to apply the entertainment policy and achieve customer satisfaction in tourist hotels. As the hotel or site director's right hand, you ensure that internal procedures are complied with to provide complete satisfaction for the customer.


Level of Education
Bachelor / Licence
Areas of study
Health / Social
Professional experiences
3 to 5 years
Languages essential
Thai (Primary tongue)
English (Working level)

Essential and optional requirements

1. Ensure a consistently high standard of customer service is rendered by all staff.
2. To assists the department in maintaining the highest profit.
3. Works under the guidance of the General Manager, and is responsible for the entire Fitness Club.
4. Prepare an annual operating Budget, forecasting sales and expenses for the year.
5. Develop personalized exercise programs and comprehensive fitness programs to meet the customers needs. Use adequate computer software to manage a customer database.
6. Support on maximization on memberships and volume though an aggressive sales effort and exploring new business opportunities in the local area.
7. Coordinate with in-house Engineering and contracting service companies to ensure that all facilities within the Fitness Club are usable and in a good shape, and there is a maximum number of Cybex Machines available for use at all time.
8. Ensure a high level of cleanliness in all areas within the Fitness Club.
9. Answers inquiries pertaining to hotel policies and services.
10. Ensure high standards of service at all time.
11. Maintains good relationships with guests and staff.
12. Supports training programs and annual training plan.
13. Handles all guest complaints professionally.
14. Reports to Director of Fitness Club, General Manager & Resident Manager or EAM regarding to unusual events (revenue and guest complaints).
15. Ensure daily operation log-book is maintained.
16. Ensures a sales attitude is adopted at all times and maintain an awareness of all sales opportunities within the hotel.
17. Handle all emergencies, accidents, etc. with security and provides required documentation in log-book.

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  • ปริญญาตรี
  • ใบประกอบวิชาชีพ
  • ประสบการณ์: 3 ปี


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