Chartering Officer (Marine Business) (1 Position)



• Actively participate to all chartering activities including chartering out of
the group’s owned fleet vessels and chartering in other vessels by communicating/ cooperating
with related parties such as the group’s internal and external Charterers, Owners, Brokers,
Agents, Terminals, International Sales, Supply, Technical, Crew, Marine etc., planning & sourcing
the vessels, negotiating for good/competitive freight, T/C and demurrage rates,
reviewing & executing chartering contracts, coordinating the vessels’ plan & schedules,
and other matters relating to chartering of all the vessels.
• Calculate voyage costs and propose the appropriate fright and demurrage rates to
the group’s internal and external Charterers.
• Responsible for vessel utilization, revenue monitoring and submitting monthly and other
reports relating to the vessel’s utilization and revenue monitoring to the management.
• Maximize voyage margin by maximizing the loading quantity when arranging
the shipments with Charterers and reducing the vessel’s idle time and voyage costs.
• Contribute to the profit of all the shipments by making sure the income for each
voyage covers the voyage costs and achieve the appropriate margins.
• Contribute to the reports for management by providing the required information and
data relating to vessel chartering and market information.


Qualification :
• Preferable Master’s Degree with minimum 2-3 years of similar experiences
• Basic knowledge and experience in Shipping and/or vessel’s Chartering & Operations preferable
• Fluent in English communication including speaking, reading and writing
• Good interpersonal and communication skills
• Having good negotiation skills
• Having good problem solving skills
• Able to prioritize workload and handle pressure from commercial and time-management matters
• Able to use computers and office softwares



  • ปริญญาโท
  • ประสบการณ์: 2 ปี

General Skills

  • การสื่อสาร
  • มนุษยสัมพันธ์ดี
  • การเจรจาต่อรองและการโน้มน้าว
  • การแก้ไขปัญหา

Spoken Languages

  • อังกฤษ (Advanced)

Written Languages

  • อังกฤษ (Advanced)

Computer Skills

  • Microsofe Office (Basic)


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