Finance & Accounting Director



Key Tasks :
1. Direct and coordinate the daily activities of the accounting staff to ensure the accurate record of revenues, expenditures, assets and liabilities.
2. Provide regular input on all selling activities, including status and call reports on a daily and weekly basis to sale and management team.
3. Calculate and record the commission for sale & management team.
4. Prepare annual financial statement and coordinate with the government related parties.
5. Manage and reconcile customers’ fund transfers.
6. Manage for all payments to suppliers (Both in-house and aboard).
7. Manage the import & in house goods ordering process.
8. Manage cash management including placement/movement, pretty cash.
9. Assist in development and implementation of new working process.
10. Resolve complex accounting day- to- day issues.
11. Establish and maintain effective and appropriate relationships with related stakeholders.
12. Manage the product supply/ logistics processes.
13. Monitor company’s expenses not to over setting budgets.
14. Perform other duties as assigned or required.


1. Bachelor Degree in accounting with at least 5 years in accounting experiences.
2.Strong understanding of accounting principles and related process.
3. Ability to work effectively under stressful conditions.
4.Detail oriented and excellent communication skill.
5.Strong organizational skills and the ability to maintain detailed records.
6.Attention to detail and high level of accuracy.
7.Be honest and trustworthy.
8.Has the analytical and problem solving skills.



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