Senior Security Architect



Key Responsibilities:

Analyses and acquires a complete understanding of client’s technology and information systems.
Reviews security standards, security systems and authentication protocols.
Designs appropriate security models; reviewing and approving security configurations and installation of firewall, VPN, routers, IDS scanning technologies and servers.
Tests final security structures to ensure they behave as expected.
Builds countermeasures that protect the system when an unauthorized user attempts to gain access to the system.
Stays abreast with the industry security updates, technologies and best practices to improve security management.
Provide technical supervision for (and guidance to) a security team.
Assists in the coordination and completion of information security operations documentation.
Defines, implements and maintains corporate security policies and procedures.


Qualification Required:

Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Cyber Security or a related field.
Preference for candidates having advanced security-related industry certifications such as, Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), Certified Network Security Professional (CNSP) and Certified Hacking Forensics Investigator (CHFI).

Experience Required:

8-10 years of relevant IT experience, including exposure to business planning, systems analysis and application development.
At least 3 years experience as an IT Security practitioner is required.
Excellent technical knowledge of mainstream operating systems [for example, Microsoft Windows, Macintosh, Linux] and a wide range of security technologies, such as network security appliances, secure file transfer protocols, anti-malware solutions, and desktop security tools.
Strong communication and presentation skills. Strong written skills.


  • เปิดรับสมัครถึง: 13 Feb 2018
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  • Work Routine: จันทร์ - ศุกร์
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