IT Manager



Managing information technology and computer systems as network administrators, IT consultants or project managers
Controlling and evaluating IT and electronic data operations
Manage computer technology focus on technology-related projects for their companies.
Supervises a team who address a company's computer, Internet, software and network security needs.
Managers oversee the planning and execution of all projects developed
Manage software implementation, data security measures or website development
Develop and adapt any ideas that bring IT services to higher management.
Recover any gaps that might face IT Department and come up with plans to advance its operations.
Assist existing/new properties when it is required


Bachelor’s Master degree in Computer Science, MIS or similar field
Proven working experience 5 years as an IT manager or relevant experience
Excellent knowledge of technical management, information analysis and of computer hardware/software systems
Hands-on experience with computer networks, network administration and network installation
Great interpersonal skills, strong work ethic and service mind
Excellent communication skills in Thai and English



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